Thursday, November 18, 2010

Still here

Yeah, it's been a while, and I promise to get back to this when I finish up the novel. 

Which, I have decided, will not be uploaded to the blog.  I'm going to give it some polishing and if I can't get it published, which I hope to at least try, then, and only then, I will upload it chapter by chapter. 

That said, it makes writing this look really, really, really, realy, ridiculously easy by comparison.  I can't see doing it every month, I would get nothing else done.  For one thing, the pacing is different.  Instead of thinking, I want to right a chapter today, and I'll keep writing until I decide the story is ready to end; I've had to write a set amount a day, and figure out how to keep the story going until I reach that minimum fifty thousand words.  It means more descriptions, more internalized thought, and holding out on explaining things even if I really want to just say it and start coming up with a new thing to explain. 
It will definitely affect my writing style. 

It's also creatively exhaustive.  I think I may spend my sparse December writing doing simple short stories or bits of fanfiction to help me relax.