Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Other Witch; The Vampire Ambassador

Cast: Salvia Hex
The old Monastary had seemed like the best starting point.  This was where Krell had always gone when he'd needed help, and it was as far as Gindra had managed to track him before her death.  And from the looks of the Monastary, Gindra was probably not the only one who died here.  She had felt the residue from magical combat as she'd started driving up the mountain road that lead to the ruins, but even if she hadn't it was fairly self-evident once she saw the ruins.  Entire sections of stone wall had been scattered across the courtyard, and what was left of the belfry hovered in a cloud of rubble over its former location.  Salvia  muttered a few quick spells to determine it was safe to enter, and then a few more to hold the walls stable while she investigated. 

Salvia felt a slight sadness creep over her as she wandered the shattered halls.  This had been a place of learning, reflection, and safety, to see it in the aftermath of a devestating and, by the looks of the dark stains on the wall and floor, bloody assault seemed a travesty.  She had never been especially religious, but Salvia still knew that places like this were sacred and should be treated as such.

"Good morning, I take it you're the freelancer the coven called in?'
Salvia spun around and found herself uncomfortably close to a woman slightly shorter than herself.  She was in full black robes, with her hood up and her face covered.  She'd have thought this newcomer an assassain were it not for the fact that she wasn't dead.  Even then, she had this eerie feeling. 
"Don't you know not to sneak up on people?"
"No, I know the other one, sneaking up on people.  I'm correct then?"
"Yes.  Who are you?"
The woman extended a hand.  "Vionelle, you don't need to know my titles, nor do I think you want to.  You're looking for Father Krell."
Creepy.  "I am, how do you know?  If you were reading my mind then I'd know it."
The woman lowered her hand and leaned back, slipping into the shadows.  She pulled her hood and mask down and Salvia realized what she was dealing with. 
"I don't have to read your mind, there are better ways of knowing what's going on around you.  Such as reading reports and asking questions.  Considering the fact that the coven knows I'm here, you could have just come straight to me if you'd done your research."
"So you know what happened here?"
"Course I do, I was here.  Luckily I have diplomatic immunity and even the Guard wouldn't touch me."
Salvia couldn't believe what she was hearing.  An eyewitness, who knew both Krell and the coven, and hadn't said anything to anyone about it.  And diplomatic immunity too, which meant that this woman had to be a diplomat from Stormguarde, the legendary city-station-nation..thing, of the Elves and the Vampires. 
"Didn't stop him though."  Salvia refocused on the woman.  "He tied me to the wall, and he stayed to watch." 
"Why aren't you dead then?  You're obviously not a daywalker."
"It had been forseen apparently.  Or postseen, I don't really know how it works.  A bearded man with a sword like purple crystal came out of nowhere and cut me down as the sun rise.  I scurried into the shadows while the Guard and the warrior fought.  It didn't take him long; have you ever heard bloodstone break?"
"No, I thought it was indestructible."
"So did I, and the warrior didn't explain how it broke.  He just told me that the Dark Lady had sent him and I knew that it must have been my Mistress, Courtney Yellsdana." 
"And then?"
"He punched me in the nose and I blacked out for a few minutes.  When I came to he was gone."
"He saved your life and then punched you?"
"I don't think he was a mage, that was probably the only way he could knock me out."
"He couldn't have just walked away?"
"Apparently not."
Salvia sighed in exasparation.  This was why immortals normally didn't interact with the rest of the universe, they were all so dramatic about everything.  Normal people like her just wouldn't put up with it if they had to deal with it on a daily basis. 
"So what do you know about Father Krell?"
"More than you even realize there is to know.  But I think the only question you wanted answered was this: Where'd he go?  And the answer is: he left with a strange little girl on her ship to parts unknown.  Space Traffic control should have a record, check with them."
"Thank you.  Next time, just tell the coven about these things.  It's kinda our job to clean up after all you other magic users."
"Only if you think it needs cleaning at all.  Have a pleasant trip Miss Hex."  The vampire drew up her hood and refastened her mask.  "And that time I did read your mind."  And the Vampire left as quietly as she had arrived.