Sunday, August 30, 2009

gamer types

i highly recomend this quiz.
both my brother and i took the quiz and it was pretty accurate.
i'll say what i am when someone else does.

it's good.

about me

i feel i should warn you now, i was homeschooled nearly my whole life. i'm in college now and handling fairly well, in my opinion at least. my parents homeschooled me, not for religous reasons; although we are christian, but because my Mother wanted the best possible education for us. she did a pretty good job. i'm the oldest of three. my brother is in high school, and my sister in late elementery school, both are homeschooled. my brother is, by nature, quite social, and much of my own social life has been built around his. i am, by my own labeling, a nerd.
my favorite series of books is lord of the rings, followed by harry potter. my favorite movies are star wars and any of charleton heston's doomsday, post-apocalyptic movies. i know more about the warcraft, legend of zelda, and lord of the rings series than most of my friends, and have even considered writing fan-fictions for all of them. i haven't but only because i don't do dialogue.

i am, sadly, addicted to world of warcraft. i post on the forums even when i don't play, and i read the patch notes three months in advance.
yes, if you're reading all this and thinking "what a loser, i bet he hasn't even kissed a girl."
you'd be right, but i'm cool with that. there will be time for dating when i have money, and a car.


Hi, you don't know me and it'll probably stay that way(that's the fun of blogging)
if you do know me, well just ignore the previous sentence.

there will be few if any pictures, mostly words. this is just a place for my random thoughts and ramblings. mostly so i can look back one day and say, "so that's what i was thinking"

i'm not always sure what i actually think so understand that these writings are neither endorsed or representative of what i think at any moment other than the one at which they were written.

that said enjoy the ride. i certainly hope i do.